CSMI Seaport Security

CSMI has long-term experience conducting studies, technical assessments, and planning for the implementation and management of high volume container screening and isotope detection operations. Studies and assessments include the following
subject areas:

  • Surveys and operational assessments
  • Development of technical requirements
  • Management and design of high volume container security screening operations 24/7/365
  • Installation and integration of Nontinrusive Inspection (NII) systems
  • Security and technology integration with ongoing seaport operations
  • Radioisotope detection systems integration and monitoring
  • Systems operator training
  • Data integration for USCBP oversight for Megaports and CSI certification
  • Direct coordination with seaport and law enforcement stakeholders

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CSMI has conducted numerous studies and analysis on behalf of host nation governments in support of US security initiatives, and has developed CONOPS in seaports and/or land border crossings throughout Southwest Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the UK.